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Romanian Folk Costumes
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Folk dance from Romanati
Interior of the peasant house
Hunedoara costume
Banat costume
Folk costume from Tulcea
Fair at Gaina Mt.
Folk costumes from Sibiu
Folk costumes from Ialomita
Interior of the peasant house
Ilfov costume
Tarnave folk costumes
Viflaim Holyday
Ialomita costume
Olt costume
Folk costume from Tarnava
Oas County folk festival
Moldavian wedding
Moldavia folk costumes
North Moldavia costumes
Folk costumes from Padureni
Folk costumes from Valcea
German folk costume
Szekler Costume
Saxon Folk Costume
Furrier from Valcea County
"Mandra" Folk Group
Romanian folklore is the best preserved, most varied and traditional in Europe.The tasteful beauty of the regional costumes can be seen throughout Romania. The costumes reflects ethnic identity and documents the historical and artistic values of the Romanian people.